hisoldgirl: (sorrow)
The TARDIS ([personal profile] hisoldgirl) wrote2009-05-05 12:09 am

{Data Stream 15} - Dream a Little Dream

[those pesky spheres, always turning on when you least expect it. and it's now happened to the TARDIS! who, against all odds, is sleeping. this is quite the rare occurrence, like seeing the planets align or Keith Richards speaking legibly. but anyhow, she's curled up on her bed, her expression drawn as she shivers and whimpers, locked in a nightmare she can't quite understand or see clearly.

that's what you get for staring at that little window by the holodeck, apparently :|

at any rate, nightmares suck, and she eventually sits up, terrified and screaming, before noticing her sphere and turning it off immediately]

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