hisoldgirl: (angar)
The TARDIS ([personal profile] hisoldgirl) wrote2009-06-07 10:12 am

{Data Stream 17} - When Anger Shows

[so, someone guessed right and is currently standing over Ganymede's body, the tip of her staff pressed into the mangled flesh of the captain's former face. she's completely nonchalant about this, by the by, and more angry that she didn't get to kill him than that he's dead and at her feet and she's poking him with a stick none-too-gently]

The captain was to be mine. For harming the Doctor, he was mine to destroy.

[looks away from her sphere, down into the engineering section and toward where she thinks Orion went. he is so not on her happy list, let me tell you :|]

It would seem, however, we have more to concern ourselves with than the captain's untimely death, if those monitors are at all correct.

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