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The TARDIS ([personal profile] hisoldgirl) wrote2009-08-18 12:42 am

{Data Stream 20} [HEROES] on the loose

[the TARDIS has been busy since the attacks began. after ripping apart some of the appliances in hers and the Doctor's kitchen, she's now finishing the last touches on a small device which she slips into her sleeve. when she stands, her expression is quite dark and she begins leaving her room, walking down the hallways in the general direction of the worst attacks

when she gets there, she pauses, looking out the windows toward the ships currently attacking the
Crucible, her expression unreadable. there is a long moment of her just looking, then she glances over when Orion steps out through the shadows]

You took too long.

It was a bit harder getting past the defences than I thought it'd be. But he can't keep me out. He's not that good.

Of course. And you have a plan to remove him from power?

I do, yes. But first we have to get to him. He'll probably be on the bridge. It's the only place he'll feel safe. We'll have to show him how wrong he is.

Very well. [and she steps away from the window] I will meet you there once I have collected my Doctor.

[Orion nods and turns around, disappearing back into the shadows. the TARDIS waits a few minutes, glancing back out at the ships, then walks in the opposite direction, back toward her room and the Doctor]

[ooc; Orion obviously isn't actually there. the TARDIS made a holographic image of him using images and voice clips from her sphere. feel free to wonder how he got there or go along with it]

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