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{Data Stream 21} - [Mutiny] of choice

[the moment Orion's message comes across the spheres, the TARDIS is all ready moving. she's been looking for these panels for some time, now, and is growing increasingly aggravated at being unable to find anything worthwhile. it doesn't help she was attacked her last foray toward Level Three, but she's not about to stay in her suite and hide.

so she's out and about with a scanner, on her way to the holo-suite, when she pauses at a nearby wall, running her fingers along it. the smudge factors heavily in her memory for all the terror it brought her. it's rare for something to frighten her so, let alone get into her head, and so she frowns and begins to scan the area, intent on finding the command console so that she can get as far away as possible]
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[he's headed towards a different location, trusting that she's doing well enough on her own] Any luck, old girl?
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...You did calibrate it correctly before you left, right?
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[this is him ignoring that look and rubbing his neck something fierce] It was worth asking...
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But...you did test it, yeah?
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[grins] Just making conversation, old girl. I'm teasing you, you know.
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Of course I am! I'm not always gunning for an argument with you, you know.
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To alleviate the mood, really. I'd noticed where you'd gone to search...
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It's not going to be there, you know. That window.
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You won't. It hasn't reappeared yet and if it does, we'll cover it up straight away so the same thing doesn't happen again.
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[frowns] Now isn't the time to get stubborn about it, TARDIS.
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[mutters] Preferably never...
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Nah, it's not important...
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[is about to say that what he says isn't always important, but he doesn't wish to incriminate himself] ...You don't always have to get stubborn with me. You always choose the most inappropriate moments to put up a fuss.
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I can certainly try though.
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[rubs the back of his neck in response to that]
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[grins; you know you love him, TARDIS.]
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[such a face!] I'll leave you to your search, old girl. Good luck.
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You're welcome. [he smiles fondly then turns off his Sphere]

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[she didn't exactly call him, but given the impression he got from her, he didn't really expect her to.

it takes him a while to get there, but he just nods when he does]
I can check this area, if you want me to. [better to ask, considering she sees him as useless]

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[somewhat, yes.

goes up to the wall without a word, hands quickly working over the metal. after a moment a thin, bright blue line appears, moving quickly across the smooth surface to form a square, numbers, a screen. his expression grows more intense and his fingers fly over the numbers, waiting--

and gets a dull, hard chime in response. his shoulders slump slightly]
...no, this isn't it. It's a type of emergency console, but it won't take command codes.