hisoldgirl: (curious)
The TARDIS ([personal profile] hisoldgirl) wrote2009-09-06 11:41 pm

{Data Stream 22} - Omega

[the TARDIS is, perhaps, the only person on the Crucible to not really care that hundreds of people were just sent careening to their deaths in a black hole. she isn't horrified, she isn't disgusted, she doesn't feel pity at all.

she is, however, fixated on one thing Ganymede said before condemning them to their deaths]

Assigned coordinates.

This black hole is known. He has been aware of our charted course every time.

[if she feels any ire at all, it is that Ganymede has subjected her, the Doctor, and this ship -- a ship which cannot speak for itself, cannot disobey a command to condemn it to its own end -- to a grisly fate for no discernible reason]

Is he attempting to harness Time? Is this a new Omega?

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