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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: star
OOC Journal: [livejournal.com profile] taelow
Under 18? Not for a long time
Email/IM: koenmakun (at) gmail (dot) com; koenmakun
Characters Played at Singularity: None

Character Information ;
Name: The TARDIS
Name of Canon: Doctor Who
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon, incorporating spin-off material
Reference: TARDIS Technical Index Anything anyone ever wanted to know about TARDISes
Down and dirty synopsis of the Doctor's TARDIS

Personality-specific examples
Short Trips: Companions - The Lying Old Witch in the Wardrobe
Short Trips: Life Science - The Reproductive Cycle
Big Finish Audio: Colditz - In particular, the TARDIS' attack on Kurtz
Big Finish Audio: Zagreus - Sharply displays her sense of jealousy and possessiveness toward the Doctor
Big Finish Audio: Unregenerate! - In particular, her protection of the Doctor
Big Finish Audio: Her Final Flight - Being worshipped and her relationship with the Doctor

Canon Point: With the Eighth Doctor, during the audios, after book canon

Setting: The TARDIS has the ability to travel through all of time and space, but in general the Doctor keeps her going back to Earth, with a handful of alien worlds tossed in. He's travelling with Lucie Miller, a companion the TARDIS somewhat likes but oftentimes doesn't, and most of their escapades bring them back to Earth, so we'll go with 21st century since that's when Lucie's from.

Most of the show takes place at least somewhat inside the TARDIS, since she's the main vehicle of transport, obviously, though the majority of that is inside the console room, which typically changes between incarnations of the Doctor. For reference, this is the console room from the First Doctor, this one was with the Fifth and Sixth Doctors and this is her current console with the Eighth Doctor.

The DW-verse is made up of a plethora of planets and species, including the titular character's race of Time Lords (or Gallifreyans). They are capable of reincarnating after being grievously injured or growing old (as was the case when the First Doctor became the Second). They also pilot TARDISes; the Doctor stole his Type 40 TARDIS several centuries ago and they've been exploring the universe ever since. These explorations have led them to Earth any number of times, including when the First Doctor landed there sometime during the '60s and the TARDIS' chameleon circuit shorted out, leaving her in police box form. They've also met benevolent aliens like the Trakken, who are mildly psychic, and evil aliens such as the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans. The Daleks are highly xenophobic, the Cybermen want to make everyone into Cybermen and the Sontarans are ultra-militarised. There are also aliens like the Eternals, who are the closest to gods in DW canon and tend to be amoral and do things because they're bored. The White and Black Guardians keep balance between good and evil in the universe. All of these are recurring races throughout the show's 40+ years of history.

Book and audio canon expand on this basic universe. During the Eighth Doctor Adventure novels, the TARDIS creates a new Type of TARDIS, the Type 101, named Compassion, by changing a human into a ship. She also destroys Gallifrey after holding two timelines apart to keep the Doctor from joining something called the Faction Paradox, which aim to create chaos. During this time, she becomes a giant skeletal flower called the Edifice and goes insane, but is almost completely destroyed with the planet and regrows while the Doctor spends a century on Earth with the Matrix in his head. The Matrix contains all of Time Lord history, including its people. The audios bring in the divergent universe, which has no time, that the Eighth Doctor travelled through with Charley and C'rizz, before he ends up travelling with Lucie. Again, though, most of these adventures take place on Earth or human colonies set in the future.

Personality: Part ship, part home, part companion, part friend. The TARDIS is a rather lot of things, both to the Doctor, his companions, and herself, and she's far from simple to understand, especially considering she's a transportation device. She's been called the Doctor's only constant by the Doctor himself, as she is the only travelling companion who has remained with him indefinitely. That's the problem with humans -- their lives are short, and the Doctor's lifestyle is not something with which they can keep up. But the TARDIS, well...she's been with him since he first stole her, and loyally so.

TARDISes are by nature jealous creatures in regards to their pilots and the Doctor's TARDIS has developed quite the jealous streak toward his various female friends. She displays this jealousy with particular vehemence during the Doctor's travels with Charlie, when she's infected by a virus and her "negative" side takes control, using a projection of the Brigadier as her avatar. While torturing the Doctor because she can, he asks after his companion, saying he loves her. To which the TARDIS replies: "Fool, that's not friendship, that's love. Blind, heedless love. Shall I tell you about friendship? Friendship is standing shoulder to shoulder in the face of life and death; friendship is there when love's candle has burned and gutted; friendship stays loyal when the enemy is at the gates; friendship is never sacrificed, never surrendered. I was your friend, Doctor, your TARDIS, your friend ship. How many adventures did we share, how many billions of miles did we travel together? How long was it before you betrayed me?"

Jealous doesn't really begin to describe it.

After all, she's been with the Doctor for as long as he's been travelling the universe, far longer than the people who join him for brief moments of his life, only to disappear as quickly. Even his Sixth form said as much, calling her his one constant, and to see the Doctor -- her Doctor -- fawn over them angers her to no end. Especially when he will sacrifice her well-being to protect what she considers weak and insufferable gits.

She is, however, fiercely loyal to the Doctor, almost to a fault. She loves him beyond measure and is, quite frankly, somewhat obsessed, which at times can cloud her judgment. She isn't afraid to argue with him, however, when she feels he's being particularly stupid and one of his schemes will hurt either himself or both of them. At times such as these, she'll balk at commands and has been know to, on occasion, do exactly the opposite of what the Doctor wants. 'Temperamental' is perhaps the kindest thing she's been called during one of these stunts.

When she isn't fawning over the Doctor, arguing with him or seething with jealousy of his companions, the TARDIS can be quite mischievous, as well, adding rooms and corridors where there weren't any before, trapping companions in a looped hallway or, every now and again, turning their showers freezing cold. It's all in good fun, of course. Really.

Being able to use projections on Sacrosanct will give the TARDIS something close to mobility, which will in turn give her license to explore. The TARDIS is infinitely curious as to what the world is like, trying every sight and touch and taste possible. She’s condescending and overbearing toward mortals, acting as though she is their better, but she also strives to understand them and do what they do – she just tries to do it when they aren’t looking, because she doesn’t want to appear weak and stupid or otherwise anything less than a (supposedly) powerful and intelligent ship.

She does have an inferiority complex when it comes to her actual abilities. She's old and outdated and probably the last Type 40 in existence, since the others have been decommissioned. She'll pretend she's top-of-the-line and better than everyone else (and for most technology, she still is), but she's aware she's worn and broken, so any sort of mention of those weaknesses will set her off. She does her best to overcompensate through arrogance, but as much as she might otherwise claim, she's still not perfect.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions: She's technically a computer, so hacking, mathematics, science, etc are all inherent abilities. She can understand all languages, decode most coded systems and theoretically break into any computer, as well as fly, teleport and travel through time. Since she's old, however, she's susceptible to malfunctions and system failures, particularly without a pilot. Should she obtain one, she'll mostly do what (s)he says, with the occasional temper tantrum. As for limitations, obviously no time travel. Maybe have some of her functions be disabled upon arrival so she can't godmod? Limited language translation, part of her data bank shut down and inaccesible, particularly if she's using a projection? I'm pretty open to stuff.

Inventory: Uh ... everything in her interior? Miles of library, a forest, mountains, swimming pool, plenty of gadgets, sonic screwdriver, translation equipment, kitchen, butterflies... I can get a lot more specific if required or simplify, either works.

Appearance: When not a police box, the TARDIS uses a solid hologram a dark-haired woman with which to interact with the populace of Sacrosanct. She's slight and short with very dark eyes. PB is Andrea Riseborough, though most icons are taken from her role in "The Devil's Whore."

Age: Really, really old.

Samples ;
Log Sample: Travelling through treacherous corridors wasn't exactly foreign to the TARDIS. The Vortex by its nature was dangerous, filled with swirling energy, ripping through time and space and hurling those foolish enough to travel within it to the far reaches of every galaxy and era. It was more natural for her to be in the chaos of travel than the calm of space; after all, it's what she'd been created to do, and her kind preferred the Vortex to normal space.

But being wrenched from her place in the universe was not quite the same thing as tearing apart time and space to take her Doctor wherever he would and the TARDIS began to panic the moment she felt herself out of control. Her systems went haywire, gauges spinning out of control, pressure valves releasing and closing of their own accord. Her navigation systems shut down entirely (not that they worked that well to begin with), leaving her in a free-fall through space to ... wherever it was she was being taken. Generally such uncertainty would be expected, because the Doctor loved uncertainty and often sent them both where they hadn't yet been, but she wasn't spiraling out of control for the Doctor, and so she was terrified.

It wasn't her best landing. The TARDIS collided with a junk pile hard enough to dislodged a few sensors from her console; the Library was in shambles and it would take days to clean the kitchen. Her internal stabilisers had obviously failed during her unwanted trip. What external sensors she still had online picked up no signs of life and, much to her dismay, neither did her internal ones. Wherever she was, it was without the Doctor. Or Lucie.

Panicked, the TARDIS tried dematerialising, the distinct groan echoing through the large area, grating like metal against metal. Her engines sputtered and kicked, then went still; she hadn't moved. She couldn't travel through time. Her distress beacon didn't seem to be functioning, either. For all intents and purposes, she was alone, and she hadn't been that since the Edifice. Desperate, she set her engines to jump. If she could at least get out of this place, maybe she could find something she could access to let her know where she was and, finally, get back to her pilot, wherever he was.

Network Sample: [after finally escaping the junk pile, the TARDIS has spent the better part of a day downloading what data she can on where and when she is. she isn't familiar with this 'Sacrosanct' or the planet around which it orbits. it's something the Doctor would have enjoyed thoroughly, but seeing as he isn't here, she just wants to leave and find her pilot. when an immediate answer doesn't present itself during her search, however, it becomes apparent she's going to need to find out more information than the computer she's currently accessing.

after a quick study of the various methods of communication, the ship settles on one she never thought she'd use again. there's no sense in taking the Brigadier's form again, however, so the projection she uses this time is closer to the 'grey lady' the Doctor once told Charlie about. the fact she can use it outside of her interior doesn't go unappreciated, either.

so it's a dark-haired female hologram who addresses the network, voice just the faintest bit off, almost mechanical, and steadily growing more panicked]

Whether this is a pocket dimension or localised instability is of no concern to me. You will return me to my pilot immediately.

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Is it okay if I have this character (whose ported from another RP) recognize the TARDIS when she hears people talking about her? She never knew a humanized version, just a semi-sentient blue box that the Doctor(s) flew around in. :O If not, it's completely okay; I can just retcon that piece of her old CR. ♥

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Ahhh, okay. Thank you! <3