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Cooper-TARDIS Lecture Series sign-ups

The Cooper-TARDIS Lecture Series is designed for intellectually-minded residents of Atia to show off their smarts, technology, culture or just plain something unique/interesting in an academic forum. Lectures run every Tuesday, but for in-game purposes, it'll be one per month on the second Tuesday to allow for the maximum amount of CR-building.

Lectures will be held at the Planetarium in the Mansion.

Those interested in signing up can post here with their preferred topic and date of lecture. If there's enough interest, we can do two lectures a month.

For reference: Past Lecture Series lecturers/topics
Sept 14, 2010 - The TARDIS - Bloc transfer computations
Oct 13, 2010 - Alfonse Elric - Alchemy
Nov 9, 2010 - Shion Uzuki - Programming
Dec 7, 2010 - Paul Watkins - Atian economics (also, fight!)
Jan 11, 2011 - Legate Dukat - The Alpha Quadrant/Cardassia


[May] - The Eleventh Doctor - The Grandfather Paradox

[June] - The Tenth Doctor - Temporal Physics and the Blinovitch Limitation Effect

[July] - Robert Leckie - History pre-World War II. Tactical or weapons maybe?

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