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After speaking with Oliver, I have begun compiling a list of stars I believe viable targets for those with the means to hit them. I can offer trajectories and coordinates for those who do not know of their location off-hand.

I do not know if some of these stars have been targetted, as I have not had opportunity to view the sky within the Enviro-Dome. If they have been, you will inform me and I will remove it from the list. Otherwise, you are welcome to attempt any number of these targets.

Upon consideration of the facts that we are dealing with a man named Orion, and we have all ready established his relationship to Osiris, many of my considerations take into account birds, though they are not all so. Time is also one, and the twins. If any of you have another idea, I will add those to my list.

Those stars I believe viable include:
Al Thalimain
The stars of Casseopeia
The stars of Cygnus
The stars of Gemini
Al Athfar
The stars of Aquarius
The stars of Scorpius

[ooc; For those wondering, I've taken the stars from this list. If you're wondering what any of them mean, check there. I am also aware of the list that has been posted to keep track, so some of these may be redundant, but since the TARDIS doesn't know of the list, I'm going with it this way]
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[the TARDIS' sphere clicks on and she's standing in hers and the Doctor's room, surveying the suit. before long, she turns around, and it becomes obvious she's wearing this, as opposed to the usual simple dress she wears instead. she does not seem particularly bothered by suddenly wearing men's fashion and leaves the room, making her way down the hall and toward the lower class cabins]

It would seem you are all easily distracted from the task at hand. [aaand she's downstairs and begins investigating again! peeking into rooms she's capable of opening] Our situation has not changed and yet you all are more concerned for whatever garments you find yourselves in. I suppose I should not be surprised.

[exploring rooooms~] He was in one of these rooms. I remember that much. Perhaps finding the proper room will lend a clue as to how he arrived at the bridge. Perhaps we can find a way off this ship...
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[having recovered from the initial shock of finding herself once more on the Crucible, the TARDIS is currently doing her best to explore every last bit of the ship, pulling off panelling (where she can) in the halls and her own suite with the Doctor, examining whatever wiring and parts she can get to. she's slowly making her way toward the bridge, desperate to find an answer to whatever is going on.

if one looks carefully, they'll see a crown of flowers nested in her hair]

I remember. I remember his words. I remember the weapon. This is illogical; this cannot be. This is not where we should be, so how? [tugs at another panel] There must be a power source, an artifact or device keeping us here. I will find it. I will know what is happening.
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[she's standing in the wreckage of the Crucible, that much is obvious, but she doesn't seem to notice most of the dangers. instead, she stares at a door of Iapetus Hall Unit 2, expression severe. there isn't much time left, after all, and she must save the Doctor at all costs. and so without a word she opens the door and steps inside, searching for signs of Orion in the hopes he can give her the means to do just that]

[ooc; Really super awesome late entry to this and I'm sorry for that, but work has been ffffffffft and just life in general, so. apologies for my lame]
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[having recovered from her (brief) bout of paranoia, the TARDIS is currently standing on the beach, watching the surf come in. of course, she's standing on the beach completely nude, because when she came to her senses her clothing had mysteriously disappeared, but she's standing there all the same, completely oblivious to her nakedness and without a care in the world. she's more focused on trying to figure out what's going on with the weather and mulling over the latest transmission to worry about you silly humans and your concepts of decency]

A ship with no crew and no escape craft, yet we were brought aboard it all the same. It does not make sense. [stares at the waves as they roll over her feet] There were no transmats nor teleportation signals on the ship. There was no grounding point from which we could be pulled and anchored. What has the ability to rip me from time and space and subject me to this body in a ship that should not function?

[the waves crash over her legs again, a little higher this time, and she sighs] The weather has turned once more. I am curious to see what it brings.
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[the TARDIS has been, for the most part, avoiding everyone, including the Doctor. her thoughts aren't exactly her own of late and she's sought, instead, to find the source, scouring her way into the forest in the hopes of perhaps finding answers.

and keeping away from all those who might hurt her. everyone always wants to hurt her, after all. it was only a matter of time before they attempting to decommission her, just like back on Gallifrey.

it's been a rather nasty struggle keeping that thought at bay.

by the time she comes out of the forest, however, she isn't exactly in perfect condition. it would seem the creatures in the trees are out to get her, too. so now she's just hanging out by the water, staring into it and doing her best to keep herself sane]

I will not be turned off. I will not be decommissioned. They will not take me away from him.
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[the TARDIS is standing in front of the ship, looking up at the wreckage through the rain]

Recent sphere activity suggests we are not alone on this planet. If there are others nearby who are capable of rescuing us, we must garner their attention. I have seen several of you make attempts to do such. I wonder if we cannot cannibalise this ship to create a proper communication system, however?

[she glances back toward the water and the flowers, then toward the ship again] Is anyone still inside who could perhaps gather any equipment that is still marginally useful? Between myself and the Doctor, I am certain we could get something to work. If not, the structure of this vessel is beyond repair. I see no reason we cannot use the exterior as material to build a smaller vessel.
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[the TARDIS is looking forlornly out one of the several windows on the ship, her eyes focused entirely on the planet underneath. she's tapping the glass idly with her nail, expression unreadable, though there's a certain longing in her eyes if one looks close enough. her Sphere pans around her and she ignores it entirely]

It is similar to so many other worlds to which I have travelled. I wonder what its surface is like. [her fingers scritch painfully against the glass] It is wrong to keep us here. We should be allowed to experience it. We should be allowed to see it all.

[smiles faintly] An adventure. I have always wanted to go on one.
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[and there is a pouty little child for all to see! one can also get the idea that she's rather arrogant and self-righteous, as well as intelligent. but still, curious. she is, after all, a time ship. so she taps the sphere. behind her, it's possible to see the remains of her room, the panels on walls open, wires lying helter-skelter across the floor. anything remotely electronic has been dismembered and it looks like she had a go at the door, too. the bed, however, remains untouched]

What is the meaning of this? Where am I? What are all of these things? They are very simple. I do not like it here. It is small. Someone fix this.

[Edit: Fixed so it fits the rules!]
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It is one thing for there to be live animals aboard my interior. I have entire rooms dedicated to certain species. But I have never heard of a human passenger vessel carrying living animals. How very strange, if intriguing.
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[the TARDIS was on her way to the Enviro-Dome to rescue Oliver and the Doctor when she's sent colliding into a wall as something blasts through the ship above her. struggling to her feet, her natural inquisitiveness leads her toward the source of the blast, only to find a giant hole in the floor on Level 10.

so now she's gazing down into the emptiness, curious, concerned, and uncertain whether or not to further investigate, seeing as she still isn't certain about this body's limitations. not that she'll admit that to ANYONE]

It would seem something has destroyed the floor on Level 10. If there are any others nearby, I request your assistance in discovering what lays beneath. If no one is willing, I will go alone.

Doctor, Oliver. I will come find you shortly, as soon as I finish this particular endeavour. Do not hurt yourselves.
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[the TARDIS is tapping on her sphere again, perplexed]

It would seem the door to my cell has opened on its own. The cell itself has reverted to an apparent previous state, as well, and there is no longer the sound of running water. I find this strange, yet fascinating.

[sphere turns off, only to turn back on again. the TARDIS is obviously in another part of the ship -- right outside one of the restricted zones, to be precise]

Others of you have attempted gaining admittance into these zones, correct? Surely it cannot be that difficult. It is a human construct, after all.

[and she sets the sphere down, going to work on the circuitry in the wall, trying to open the doors]
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[taps on her Sphere, obviously unhappy and rather put out]

You will release me from this room and allow me back to my own. I do not care who you are: this is unwarranted. I do not deserve to be in here. You will also fix that incessant dripping; I have calculated a loss of approximately 243.876 litres of water per year due to the running water and as we are in space, it is dangerous to human passengers to deplete the water supply so.

It is also absurd I am being detained for use of the communication system. If it were not meant to be used, it would not be so easily accessed. I am not to be blamed when your system is inferior.
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