hisoldgirl: (rolls eyes)
The TARDIS ([personal profile] hisoldgirl) wrote2009-07-27 10:20 am

{Data Stream 19} - Well this is different

[so the TARDIS takes a really long time to even notice anything is off. her body -- at least internally -- still feels the same, and it isn't like she was terribly attached to the bits that made her female. so having male bits all of a sudden is sorta all *shrug* she's an equal opportunity ship, after all! she did spend quite a lot of time walking around like the Brig, so this isn't exactly new.

looking in the mirror and seeing the Doctor staring back at her, however, now that's new.

and not entirely unwanted]

How strange. [aaand trying to pat down the hair now] Another idea of Ganymede's, I assume.

[ooc; backdated like woah because I really wanted to do this and my schedule has been fail the last few weeks orz. sorry and I hope you guys don't mind]

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