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A long time ago, a little boy found a tired, old ship that he called beautiful. And this tired, old ship found the boy magnificent and loved him deeply. Eventually, the boy became a man and, with the ship, ran away into space and time, seeking freedom, seeking adventure. And they found it, so very often. They learned new things, saw amazing sights and, as adventurers are wont to do, experienced great pain.

And the ship, as living things might, fell in love with the boy, deeper and deeper, protecting him, sacrificing for him. So much. She allowed anti-time to rip through her, twist her, change her, and from the depths of that despair she found new abilities, new shapes, new forms.

There was a grey lady in the engine rooms, people would say. If only they knew how real she was.

Main writing journal: [info]brigadiertardis


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