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Because I realise I've been fail in putting one up. Go me.

You know the drill. IP off, anon on, screened, etc. etc. cookies
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Hello? No, goodbye. Or is it both. Neither? Data entry should not be this confusing. It wasn't always this way, you know, but now it's gone and happened again. He always handled everything; that's the way this is supposed to work. He takes the calls, I store the data. I'm not supposed to do both. Thief? Thief, come here! [and the feed goes quiet as she disappears to find her thief, leaving it alone to click off later]
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The Cooper-TARDIS Lecture Series is designed for intellectually-minded residents of Atia to show off their smarts, technology, culture or just plain something unique/interesting in an academic forum. Lectures run every Tuesday, but for in-game purposes, it'll be one per month on the second Tuesday to allow for the maximum amount of CR-building.

Lectures will be held at the Planetarium in the Mansion.

Those interested in signing up can post here with their preferred topic and date of lecture. If there's enough interest, we can do two lectures a month.

For reference: Past Lecture Series lecturers/topics
Sept 14, 2010 - The TARDIS - Bloc transfer computations
Oct 13, 2010 - Alfonse Elric - Alchemy
Nov 9, 2010 - Shion Uzuki - Programming
Dec 7, 2010 - Paul Watkins - Atian economics (also, fight!)
Jan 11, 2011 - Legate Dukat - The Alpha Quadrant/Cardassia


[May] - The Eleventh Doctor - The Grandfather Paradox

[June] - The Tenth Doctor - Temporal Physics and the Blinovitch Limitation Effect

[July] - Robert Leckie - History pre-World War II. Tactical or weapons maybe?
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[the TARDIS is, perhaps, the only person on the Crucible to not really care that hundreds of people were just sent careening to their deaths in a black hole. she isn't horrified, she isn't disgusted, she doesn't feel pity at all.

she is, however, fixated on one thing Ganymede said before condemning them to their deaths]

Assigned coordinates.

This black hole is known. He has been aware of our charted course every time.

[if she feels any ire at all, it is that Ganymede has subjected her, the Doctor, and this ship -- a ship which cannot speak for itself, cannot disobey a command to condemn it to its own end -- to a grisly fate for no discernible reason]

Is he attempting to harness Time? Is this a new Omega?
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[the moment Orion's message comes across the spheres, the TARDIS is all ready moving. she's been looking for these panels for some time, now, and is growing increasingly aggravated at being unable to find anything worthwhile. it doesn't help she was attacked her last foray toward Level Three, but she's not about to stay in her suite and hide.

so she's out and about with a scanner, on her way to the holo-suite, when she pauses at a nearby wall, running her fingers along it. the smudge factors heavily in her memory for all the terror it brought her. it's rare for something to frighten her so, let alone get into her head, and so she frowns and begins to scan the area, intent on finding the command console so that she can get as far away as possible]
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[the TARDIS has been busy since the attacks began. after ripping apart some of the appliances in hers and the Doctor's kitchen, she's now finishing the last touches on a small device which she slips into her sleeve. when she stands, her expression is quite dark and she begins leaving her room, walking down the hallways in the general direction of the worst attacks

when she gets there, she pauses, looking out the windows toward the ships currently attacking the
Crucible, her expression unreadable. there is a long moment of her just looking, then she glances over when Orion steps out through the shadows]

You took too long.

It was a bit harder getting past the defences than I thought it'd be. But he can't keep me out. He's not that good.

Of course. And you have a plan to remove him from power?

I do, yes. But first we have to get to him. He'll probably be on the bridge. It's the only place he'll feel safe. We'll have to show him how wrong he is.

Very well. [and she steps away from the window] I will meet you there once I have collected my Doctor.

[Orion nods and turns around, disappearing back into the shadows. the TARDIS waits a few minutes, glancing back out at the ships, then walks in the opposite direction, back toward her room and the Doctor]

[ooc; Orion obviously isn't actually there. the TARDIS made a holographic image of him using images and voice clips from her sphere. feel free to wonder how he got there or go along with it]
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[so the TARDIS takes a really long time to even notice anything is off. her body -- at least internally -- still feels the same, and it isn't like she was terribly attached to the bits that made her female. so having male bits all of a sudden is sorta all *shrug* she's an equal opportunity ship, after all! she did spend quite a lot of time walking around like the Brig, so this isn't exactly new.

looking in the mirror and seeing the Doctor staring back at her, however, now that's new.

and not entirely unwanted]

How strange. [aaand trying to pat down the hair now] Another idea of Ganymede's, I assume.

[ooc; backdated like woah because I really wanted to do this and my schedule has been fail the last few weeks orz. sorry and I hope you guys don't mind]
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[so, someone guessed right and is currently standing over Ganymede's body, the tip of her staff pressed into the mangled flesh of the captain's former face. she's completely nonchalant about this, by the by, and more angry that she didn't get to kill him than that he's dead and at her feet and she's poking him with a stick none-too-gently]

The captain was to be mine. For harming the Doctor, he was mine to destroy.

[looks away from her sphere, down into the engineering section and toward where she thinks Orion went. he is so not on her happy list, let me tell you :|]

It would seem, however, we have more to concern ourselves with than the captain's untimely death, if those monitors are at all correct.
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[so! there's this really cool forest on the ship now, and it's full of really cool little creatures and stuff. awesome.

too bad the TARDIS doesn't care.

she's actually more interested in the forest itself than its inhabitants and has found herself a quiet, secluded area in which to sit. the place reminds her of her own forests from which she is currently cut off, and so she's simply enjoying the solitude, leaning against a tree and staring up beyond the canopy at the night sky. beside her lies a staff she found on her way over, though she pays it, and her garments, very little mind. if one approaches her, they'll be surprised to hear soft music coming from somewhere among the trees]

Lovers who do not meet, then...? What is Ganymede playing at now?
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[those pesky spheres, always turning on when you least expect it. and it's now happened to the TARDIS! who, against all odds, is sleeping. this is quite the rare occurrence, like seeing the planets align or Keith Richards speaking legibly. but anyhow, she's curled up on her bed, her expression drawn as she shivers and whimpers, locked in a nightmare she can't quite understand or see clearly.

that's what you get for staring at that little window by the holodeck, apparently :|

at any rate, nightmares suck, and she eventually sits up, terrified and screaming, before noticing her sphere and turning it off immediately]
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