hisoldgirl: (lying about)
The TARDIS ([personal profile] hisoldgirl) wrote2009-05-31 12:06 am

{Data Stream 16} - A well-deserved rest

[so! there's this really cool forest on the ship now, and it's full of really cool little creatures and stuff. awesome.

too bad the TARDIS doesn't care.

she's actually more interested in the forest itself than its inhabitants and has found herself a quiet, secluded area in which to sit. the place reminds her of her own forests from which she is currently cut off, and so she's simply enjoying the solitude, leaning against a tree and staring up beyond the canopy at the night sky. beside her lies a staff she found on her way over, though she pays it, and her garments, very little mind. if one approaches her, they'll be surprised to hear soft music coming from somewhere among the trees]

Lovers who do not meet, then...? What is Ganymede playing at now?

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